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Sleep Away by Bob Acri
(1918 - 2013)

Ana Kallima Beauty
Salon by Mio Kelly

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“All women are different and Beautiful”

Ana Kallima Beauty Salon help bring out your one and only unique 美 Charms and Shine!
〜 Enhance your beauty and personal life style 〜

The name ANA KALLIMA is Greek.

ANA means restore, and KALLIMA means beauty – and it is also the name given to a very beautiful class of butterflies originating out of southeast Asia. Any woman who desires to enhance her natural, inner beauty will truly benefit from ANA KALLIMA artistry.

The Kallima butterfly is a master of camouflage, appearing like a dead, dry leaf when its wings are closed. However, when its wings open, the butterfly turns into a brilliant work of artistic beauty.

Let Us Fly into the Sky with Beautiful Wings!


Enhance Your Beauty
& Personal Lifestyle

Ana Kallima Beauty Salon not only enhances one’s inner and outer beauty, but the overall health of the immune system to help empower women’s lives. This all-in-one beauty results in a richer, healthier, and more positive life we can believe in.


Enjoy Your Personal
Style of Beautiful

By accentuating the beauty from within, like the Kallima oakleaf butterfly, Ana Kallima Beauty Salon will bring out your best features with a light touch and attention to detail while catering to each person’s unique style and comfort level.


Ana Kallima by Mio Kelly

Captain of Sky Church Troop for Orphans and Street Children
President of Passion Talk of CHIKATSU Group


Ana Kallima Beauty Salon
By Mio Kelly SINCE 2007

Education : Tokyo Beauty Hair School
Skip high school/ the University Entrance Qualification Examination
Musashino Art of junior college
Qualification :
Japan Hair License
Hollywood LED Eyelash Extensions certified Instructor
Speed reading/Note Jutsu Navigator





I am Mio Kelly, the owner, and I started ANA KALLIMA when I divorced my first husband (the father of my two kids). The oldest was three and the youngest was not even a year old at that time, still being breastfed. This was a very, very hard time in my life. My dream of having my own happy family suddenly fell into the darkness. The dead-dry, leaf-like Kallima butterfly was actually me. I was so miserable. I saw no womanly essence in my own reflection when I looked into the mirror. But, with tears in my eyes, I was determined to fly one day like a beautiful butterfly. I put all of my efforts into raising my kids and working on my appearance. I came out of this darkness. Now, my kids are older and are international students in the USA, and I am into my 3rd marriage with my handsome husband living life fully with daily happiness.

“ True beauty makes women positive, and its power will change the now and the future. ”

I am so happy to see my customer’s smiles after my work.
ANA KALLIMA is here to empower all women to find their own bright future. This is what I desire for them.
Mio Kelly



  • By appointment only
  • Monday to Saturday : 10:00 to 20:00
  • Sunday holiday

Japanese Embroidery is a type of traditional Art

I, Mio Kelly, created the shop for my absolute love of embroidery.
To have my original brand design REIBANCHOU on Jiu-jitsu GI and Sukajan is my own dream.
This is my story💪 OSS🔥🥋🔥

Embroid Your Own Story with 麗番長 REIBANCHOU

Make Your One Only Unique Embroidery In The World❗

We embroider custom designs for our unique customers.

What we do


Your name in English, Hiragana,
Katakana, or Kanji.

Starting Price: 1,500 yen


Your own personalized logo:

◉ Business
◉ Sports team
◉ Network
◉ Jiu-jitsu GI
◉ Skajan
◉ Etc.

Starting Price: Depends on logo

Contact us for free estimations!

Eyebrow Lift by Rinka

Hello ! I’m Rinka and I’m starting eyebrow lift on base 🥳 Just a little bit about myself… im full Japanese and also a spouse! I have a main job so I don’t do it everyday but I post availability every month. I’m located at Ana’s by supply gate. I only accept usd cash. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you 💜



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Sister Beauty Salon

by Kaori



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