Nail Design

Get great-looking nails with trendy colors and designs with long-lasting performance by longtime, experienced nail technicians


Eye Lash Extensions

To help determine the best eye design for you, we will evaluate your lashes during a consultation to ensure they are healthy for extensions, as well as ask questions about your lifestyle to determine suitability


Brazilian Wax

Treat yourself to a Brazilian wax for smoother skin. We’ll cleanse, protect, wax, and rejuvenate your skin with a touch of heaven.


CIKATSU Magnet Therapy

Blood flows throughout the body, and proper flood circulation is necessary to keep the body working properly and optimally. Our salon focuses on blood circulation, which in turn promotes and helps your overall health. We use an AC magnetic therapy device, Relaxation Park® 180mT (1800), with belt. This device provides amazing beauty and health benefits.

We also sell Relaxation Park® devices. Send us an SMS message below for any questions regarding this product.


CIKATSU Magnet Therapy

30Min / With Belt ¥ 1,000
60Min / With Belt ¥ 1,500

Brazilian Wax

NOSE ¥ 1,000
FACE from ¥ 1,500
BODY from ¥ 3,000

※ Starting from 1,500 yen or higher depending on the service

Nail Care

Regular Hands from ¥ 2,000
Regular Feet from ¥ 4,000

※ Starting from 2,000 yen or higher depending on the service

Eyelash Extension

Unlimited Single to Dabble By Senior ¥ 8,000
Unlimited Single to Dabble By Junior ¥ 7,000
Eyelash Maintenance by Senior ( 2mo.) ¥ 7,000
Eyelash Maintenance by Junior ( 2mo.) ¥ 6,000
Hybrid Volume 3D By Senior ¥ 10,000
Fill Hybrid Volume 3D By Senior ¥ 9,000
Extension Removal w/new set ¥ 1,500
Extension Removal ¥ 2,500

Acrylic Nails

Regular Sculpture ¥ 8,000
Sculpture Removal w / new set ¥ 2,500
Sculpture Removal ¥ 3,500
Repair/ Fill-in ( 1 each ) from ¥ 500

※ Starting from 500 yen or higher depending on the service

Soft Gel Nails

Care & Gel Color ¥ 4,000
Pedicure Care & Gel Color ¥ 6,000
Gel Removal w / new set ¥ 1,500
Gel Removal ¥ 2,500
Repair / Fill-in ( 1 each ) from ¥ 400

※ Starting from 400 yen or higher depending on the service

Custom Nail Designs

Lame Gradiation ¥ 1,000
Color Gradiation ¥ 2,000
French Style ¥ 2,000
Design art, linestone, 3D,etc. from ¥ 500

※ Starting from 500 yen or higher depending on the service



  • By appointment only
  • Monday to Saturday : 10:00 to 20:00
  • Sunday holiday

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